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Welcome to AstroTimeLines

AstroTimeLines empowers the intuitive astrologer within …

AstroTimeLines gives you a visual snapshot of the unfoldment of planetary positions and influences over a 14-month period. This allows you to see where the planets will be in relation to your sign and to follow astrological events like retrograde periods and eclipses, thus empowering you to allow your own intuition and investigation to reveal insights and knowledge along the way. AstroTimeLines lay the foundation from which your own exploration begins!

AstroTimeLines is unique in that it clearly outlines the multidimensional aspects of all planetary cycles simultaneously. This can help you to understand these cycles and their impact on your chart, leading to the discovery of the deeper meaning and influence of such events in your own life.

We have designed this chart in such a way that it can be used as a complement to your daily readings of astrology and astrological forecasts. It is intended to be used as a visually informative tool to facilitate and increase your understanding of astrology.

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AstroTimeLines Great Features

2016 Yearly Overview

yearly astrological report
All you need to know to follow your sign’s planetary activity throughout the year, all in one simple graphic

  • 14 months
  • activity in all 12 houses
  • 10 planetary bodies + Chiron & Lunar Nodes
  • eclipses and moons

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Free Reference Chart

Free astrological Guide
Click below to receive a free  reference chart (in PDF format).

  • reference chart for each planet
  • reference chart for each house

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Take A Closer Look

Sample of AstroTimeLines
Take a closer look at our features and at our gallery page with sample images of our product.

  • high quality PDF perfect for printing
  • eBook version for mobile device

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Astrology 2016

2016 + additional 2 months

We’ve included December of the previous year and January of the following year — a sneak peak at the influences to come. All this in one simple graphic!

12 Cosmic Bodies

In addition to the Sun, Moon and eight planets we have also included Chiron and the Lunar Nodes

12 Astrological Houses

Each house is represented by a different colour. Simply look at the colour next to each planet and it will indicate which area of your life will be influenced at that time.


Eclipses and Moons

Each chart indicates when and where in your chart there are solar/lunar eclipses and full/new moons occurring. This information can be used to set powerful intentions.

High Quality Printable PDF

In each of the house graphics, we have included extra space for making notes or adding additional information. Use it as your astrological calendar for the whole year!


Mobile Device Access

Transfer the PDF file onto your mobile device and have access at the tip of your finger wherever you go. Contains the same beautiful graphics with smooth scrolling, swiping and pinch to zoom functions.

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Follow your Astrology for 2016 with the new AstroTimeLines chart !